Quality Control Systems

Safety Systems

Aeromar - St. Petersburg branch operates as per Foodstuff safety system and HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points principles. This system is an integral part of the quality policy within the frameworks of the entire group of companies LSG Sky Chefs.

The purpose of the system is to build the principles as per HACCP procedures in public catering facilities delivering in-flight meals for airline companies.

The system is tailored for public catering facilities and consists of standard operating procedures setting the requirements at each production stage in the course of in-flight meals preparation and monitoring methods. This guarantees control over all potentially hazardous factors at all production stages.

Besides which the company has implemented quality management system and food safety management system that are documented, maintained and constantly improved in accordance with the requirements of the international standards ISO 9001 and 22000. (the company’s management system is certified as per ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2008).

These systems provide for successful achievement of the following goals:

  1. Meet proven and probable consumers (passengers and clients) expectations to airline catering;
  2. Demonstrate our capability to deliver safe in-flight meals meeting all relevant requirements;
  3. Increase customer satisfaction by means of efficient performance of quality management and food safety management system including its continuous improvement, conformity to consumers’ requirements and mandatory requirements of regulatory documents.

Continuous Quality Control

Aeromar - St. Petersburg branch carries out daily monitoring of critical control points in accordance with HACCP program.

Monitoring results are recorded in special registers every day during every shift. We have sufficient tools and materials for monitoring, (such as: infrared thermometers and thermometers with thermal probes to control ambient temperature in the premises, in the meals etc., test strips to control vegetables disinfection, tests to control dishwashers’ operation). Microbiological slide tests are used for analyzing surface contamination (total bacterial count, enterobacteria etc.).

If minor non-conformity is detected remedial measures are taken.


In order to control the quality of meals, equipment disinfection and services rendered to aircrafts of the clients Aeromar - St. Petersburg branch is subject to regular auditing aimed at detecting any violations and/or failures to follow specific terms envisaged by contracts with airline companies.

As a result of regular audit an airline company receives comprehensive reports.

Indicative list of key audited items:

  1. Centralized control over aircraft service.
  2. Meal delivery on board the aircraft by highloaders.
  3. Highloaders should be clean and fault free.
  4. Safety of meal transportation on board the aircraft fixings are checked.
  5. Equipment layout on board the aircraft.
  6. Personal hygiene rules observed by catering personnel.
  7. Food storage and cooking.
  8. Work with airline’s equipment (storage, customs clearance, ordering lacking equipment, inventory record keeping etc.).

As a result of an audit each parameter obtains points as a per cent of maximum points, these points are then added. Total rate should aim for 100 per cent.

Several times a year meals are tested in special laboratories belonging to the clients ordering catering (air companies) and monthly meals are tested in the certified laboratory of the Hygienic and Epidemiological Center.

Thus we achieve maximum control over in-flight meal quality through constant control by Aeromar - St. Petersburg branch and our client - airline companies. Comprehensive quality control system implementation guarantees that airline passengers get the best and the safest service in flight and complies with all applicable local and international requirements.